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2020 4th International Conference on Water Conservancy,Hydropower and Building Engineering(WCHBE 2020) accepts original and unpublished papers. The papers may include but are not limited to:

Ⅰ. Civil, Architectural Engineering/土木、建筑工程

1)Geotechnical   Engineering岩土工程
2)Geological   Engineering地质工程
3)Municipal   Engineering市政工程
4)Disaster   Prevention and Mitigation Engineering防灾减灾工程及防护工程
5)Structural   Engineering结构工程
6)Heating,   Gas, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering供热、供燃气、通风及空调工程
7)Road   Engineering道路工程
8)Bridge   and Tunnel Engineering桥梁与隧道工程
9)Tunnel   and Underground Engineering隧道及地下工程
10)Water   Supply and Sewerage Project给排水工程
11)Ocean   Engineering海洋工程
12)Port   Engineering港口工程
13)Seismic   Engineering地震工程
14)Computer   Simulation计算机仿真
15)Road   Survey and Design道路勘测设计
16)Theoretical   Mechanics理论力学
17)Computational   Mechanics计算力学
18)Mechanics   of Materials材料力学
19)Structural   Mechanics结构力学
21)Soil   Mechanics土力学
22)Construction   Materials建筑材料
23)Concrete   Structure and Steel Structure混凝土结构与钢结构
24)Construction   Technology and Management施工技术与管理
25)Engineering   Geology工程地质
26)Building   Architecture房屋建筑学
27)Architectural   Drawing建筑制图
28)Architectural   Physics建筑物理
29)Architectural   Design建筑设计
30)Urban   Planning and Design城市规划设计
31)Landscape   Planning and Design景观规划设计
32)Building   Environment and Equipment Engineering建筑环境与设备工程

Ⅱ.Water conservancy and hydropower / 水利水电

33)Hydraulics 水力学
34)River   Dynamics河流动力学
35)Engineering   Hydrology工程水文学
36)Water   and Hydropower Calculation水利水能计算
38)Hydraulic   Machinery液压机械
39)Engineering   Survey工程测量
40)Hydrology   and Water Resources水文和水资源
41)Water   Resources Planning and Using水资源规划及利用
42)Hydraulic   Steel Structure水工钢结构
43)Hydropower   Station Construction水电站施工
44)Water   Project and Management水利工程及管理
45)Port   and Waterway港航
46)Hydropower   Planning水电规划
47)Irrigation   and Water Conservancy农田水利
48)Irrigation   and Water Conservancy灌溉和水利
49)Agricultural   Water-soil Engineering农业水土工程学
50)Flood   and Drought Management防洪抗旱管理
51)Conservation   of Water and Soil水土保持
52)Engineering   Sediment工程泥沙

Important Dates

二轮截稿 | Submission Deadline: 

June 28, 2020

录用通知 | Notification: 

1-2 weeks after the submission

大会时间 | Conference Date: 

July 3-5, 2020

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